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Banned from your server
CoccoDatum: Dienstag, 26-Januar-2010, 10:34:52 | Nachricht # 1
Gruppe: Benutzer
Nachrichten: 2
Status: :-(
Hi all,
often i play on your server with name o)(o Cocco* but last night i was accused of cheat and banned by Nordmanntonne.

Guys i assure that i dont cheat, i play only for fun, nothing else.

Nordmanntonne you have committed a mistake because i 'am clean. I'm very sorry for that :-(

I like your ctf server and i ask you to unban me

Thanks in advance if you let me play in your server...again

My xfire: mark72

bye bye

Eintrag wurde bearbeitet von Cocco - Dienstag, 26-Januar-2010, 10:35:56
NordmanntonneDatum: Dienstag, 26-Januar-2010, 22:00:58 | Nachricht # 2
Gruppe: Administratoren
Nachrichten: 797
Status: :-(
Hello Cocca,

this server is OUR server, we pay money for it and the main reason for us to pay for this server is that WE want to have fun on our server. Now our skill is from low to middle and if there are players with VERY higher scores however the got it we will lose OUR fun. I think there are enough severs so that this player can search for a server where there are player with about the same skill to have fun and not to take our fun!

I will unban you but I hope you will understand our statement and accept our opinion!



CoccoDatum: Freitag, 29-Januar-2010, 22:11:24 | Nachricht # 3
Gruppe: Benutzer
Nachrichten: 2
Status: :-(
thanks guys

but i'm waiting for unban ;-)


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